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General terms and conditions of dispensing systems & solid material rental



1. The following terms and conditions apply to all customers of Amboss Zürich AG and apply to all dispensing systems, beer, accessories and other solid material lent by us.
2. The instructions "Beer dispenser rental made easy!" at must be carefully read and implemented by the customer and forms an integral part of the terms and conditions.
3. Customers must be at least 18 years old at the time of collection.
4. Changes to the rental conditions are generally excluded. Conditions added or deleted by the customer without our confirmation are also excluded.
5. The items on loan must be picked up and returned during the regular opening hours of Amboss Zürich AG at Pfingstweidstrasse 3. The items may not be parked in front of our warehouse outside of the opening times.
6. Deliveries and collections by Amboss Zürich AG are excluded. Should a collection be necessary due to special circumstances (e.g. because it was not returned after being requested to do so), CHF 50.00 will be charged for every five kilometers of travel that has been commenced.

Prices and payment:

1. The rental price for one dispenser does not apply to the following quantities of beer kegs lent and tapped for the dispenser: 0-7 days: 3 barrels, 8-14 days: 10 barrels
2. Settlement and payment for all borrowed material and the beer takes place when you return it to us on site. A pierced beer keg will be charged in full, not pierced can be returned free of charge. A barrel is considered to have been punctured as soon as the seal on the lid has been broken and / or the lid has been opened. Bottled beers not consumed will only be closed and taken back as complete crates and / or 8-packs. Unopened and clean cup racks can also be returned free of charge. Merchandise articles and products from the rest of the beverage range are generally not taken back.
3. In addition to the purchase price, it will be charged to the bottled beer depot. The deposit is CHF 0.30 per bottle and CHF 5.- per case.
4. We accept cash, Postcard, bank cards, debit and credit cards and Twint. We only issue invoices with a total rental value of CHF 500 or more.
5. We charge a fee of CHF 20 per reminder when invoicing.

Rental period:

1. Our dispensing systems and all solid material cannot be rented for longer than 14 days. Longer rental periods are to be discussed with an employee.
2. Extensions of the rental period after collection has already taken place require prior agreement with one of our employees and cannot be guaranteed. Without such an agreement, the rent increases by CHF 50 per calendar day or part thereof.

Loss, Damage, and Cleaning:

1. Items lent by us and not returned or destroyed will be invoiced. The following amounts are applied in addition to the accrued rental costs: Single dispenser: CHF 600.-, double dispenser: CHF 800.-, drip grid: CHF 20.-, beer barrel: CHF 50.-, Aligal13 gas bottle: CHF 100.-, open-end wrench: CHF 20.-, bar element or parts of it: CHF 200.-, party set or parts of it: CHF 200.-, refrigerator or parts of it: CHF 800.-, beer glass: CHF 1.- per dl
2. In the event of damage to the borrowed items caused by the tenant, we must invoice the time we spent on the repair (CHF 50 / h) and the material required for this.
3. The dispensing systems and their accessories may not be manipulated, technically or otherwise changed. In particular, cutting the hoses is prohibited. Independent cleaning of the system hoses is also not permitted. Should we nevertheless find something like this, we have to charge a penalty of CHF 200.-.
4. If borrowed beer glasses are not returned cleanly washed, we have to charge CHF 2.- per glass used for our expenses. In the case of bar elements, fixed sets and refrigerators that are not returned in a clean, clean condition, we have to charge CHF 50 per item for our expenses.


1. Confirmed reservations do not constitute a guarantee for the rental. If, for example, a system is returned late by a previous tenant and no other system is available, Amboss Zürich AG can cancel the reservation. (Until now this has never happened)
2. We do not accept any liability for material damage or personal injury that has arisen in use with or through our dispensing systems or other rental equipment. The assumption of financial damage caused by defective items on loan by Amboss Zürich AG is also excluded.

Applicable law, place of performance and place of jurisdiction:

1. The contract concluded with the customer is subject exclusively to Swiss law.
2. The place of fulfillment and jurisdiction is Zurich, Switzerland.